I fought alcohol and nicotine addiction for several years – Perez Muzik reveals

Perez Muzik

Perez Muzik

Perez Musik, a fast-growing gospel artist from Ghana, has told his horrifying story of battling drug addiction for many years before coming to know Christ.

The singer of “Hewale”, Perez Muzik claimed that because of his severe alcohol and nicotine addictions and a lack of guidance, he made numerous blunders in life.

“I am a typical Abossey Okai boy. I grew up in an area where you can easily drift – I mean everything you need to do to be a bad boy is around you and it was not like my mum was always home.

“There was freedom, especially during vacations. You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast and go wherever you want to go wherever you want to go. Nobody cares. You can come back later to eat your lunch and continue with the roaming. The only thing was to get home by 7 pm,” 

he stated

He stated that the absence of parental supervision allowed him the opportunity to indulge in some of the aforementioned vices.

The musician claimed that as a result, he also made a number of poor choices.

“I have struggled with addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and smoking for so many years and it has been a battle. I have been through a couple of stuff growing up as a young man. I have made a lot of wrong decisions. I always knew some of us were not fortunate.

“We did not have strict aunties and uncles who had lived life to an extent that they could actually guide us on what to do and what to do. So we had to make mistakes and correct them ourselves, keep the good things we learn, and unlearn the bad things we learned,” he said.

Perez Musik added that he always felt a strong force pushing him away from his addiction and bad ways. He further shared that the turning point in his life was when he followed his mother to church one day.

“Back then I used to club a lot but one Sunday after clubbing, I woke up and told my mum that when they were going to church that afternoon I would go with them. She used to attend this fellowship in the afternoon and I don’t know why but all of a sudden, I wanted to be with them,” he stressed.

The Gospel sensational singer concluded that he came to know God well on his second visit to the church leading to his transformation.


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