Most Ghanaian Christians are hypocrites — Gospel Musician Fires


First Lady of Heavenly Twins, a Ghanaian musician based in California, has lamented the hypocritical behavior of certain Ghanaian Christians.

According to her, some Christians in Ghana are so hypocritical that if you follow some of their ideas, you’ll go to hell rather than the paradise that pastors talk about.

“I was on Abeiku Santana’s show some time ago and made an analogy that, I don’t see anything wrong with women doing butt implants and surgeries to look good.”

he musician revealed

First Lady of Heavenly Twins added that given the way the situation was interpreted and judged, this generated a lot of hateful remarks, which astonished her.

“It is okay for Christians to go to hospital for surgeries when they have kidney or liver failures but these same Christians are chastising me for telling the truth about enhancing your beauty,” she said.

“So if they have to patch your skin because of a surgery will these same Christians not accept these remedies?”

First Lady of Heavenly Twins further queried

The musician asked Ghanaians to abandon their bad attitude since it breeds enmity and jealousy.


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