Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Suspends His Nephew For Act Of Gross Misconduct (Details)


Here is why Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Suspended His Nephew.

Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren, the nephew of the famous Nigerian man of God, the founder, and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, popularly known as Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, has been suspended as a Pastor at the Christ Embassy Church worldwide due to egregious misconduct.

During the recent Communion Service and Worship with Pastor Chris, the President of Christ Embassy, a.k.a. Believers Loveworld, made the announcement.

Rumors circulated that he may face jail time in November 2021 since he is being investigated by the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for alleged illegal financial operations.

These rumors began to circulate shortly after his run-in with Ethiopian authorities at the airport earlier this year, as he was accused of violating the nation’s COVID 19 rules at his earlier held entrepreneurs conference in the nation Ethiopia, where he gathered 27,000 people and also left with about $1.8 million, which he claimed were contributions and donations from the youth church program.

Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren is a rising African leader. He is utilizing his talents to encourage young people to be touched by God’s Word. 

As the CEO of Carel Films Enterprise, he is able to spread the Good News through modern communication channels. Over 100 Christian music videos and animations have been produced by him, including “I Know Who I Am” by Sinach, “Kinging” by Rozey, “Igbunu” by Micheal Jaffe, and “Untouchable” by TB1.

He had already received the American Academy of Animations Award three times before the age of 20. He also received the renowned Walt Disney Award and was nominated for the Future African Leaders Award (FALA). His genuine genius is in bringing out the brilliance of others.

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