Evelyn Wanjiru, a gospel singer, has been blessed with a baby after a 10-year wait.

Evelyn Wanjiru

Popular gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband Agundabweni Akweyu revealed on Tuesday that they are expecting their first child together.

Asante, a song of thanksgiving that Evelyn Wanjiru sang as she celebrated, marks the conclusion of a 10-year wait for a child.

The singer stated, quoting from 1 Samuel, “I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. She prayed for other couples who had almost given up on attempting to create a family in her congratulatory message.

Look at us, and behold the works of the Lord. family and friends There is a noticeable difference, I tell you. Anyone may be a father, but it takes a unique kind of man to be a DAD. Wanjiru praised her spouse who has remained by her side, writing, “This man right here @agundabweni is a blessing from God to me.

In the song video, which debuted on Tuesday, Wanjiru unveiled her baby shower. She was joined by many of her friends.

“You don’t get what you pray for, you get what you’ve waited for, “because those who wait upon the Lord are like Mt zion they shall mount up with wings like eagles.” she wrote on Instagram.

Speaking on what kept them going during the 10-year wait, Wanjiru said she kept her faith, while encouraging others like her but privately asked God questions. “Where are you ? Until when, how many more doctors shall we see?” the ‘Ila Damu’ hitmaker revealed.

“Then I would hear a voice saying ..Get encouraged.The measure of your Temptation is equal to the measure of your Blessings. So fight your battle delightfully for after every Test there is a Testimony and after every Victory there is a Prize,” 

Despite the demands of society that come with the prolonged wait for a child, Wanjiru complimented her ten-year spouse for being supportive despite her opening out about her hardships in multiple interviews.

“Marry someone who can carry the weight and burden of your vision. Marriage is beyond sex and bearing children. It’s disastrous to marry someone who doesn’t show any interest in what you’re called to do. As you are falling in love with him, he should also fall in love with their calling, profession, passion and vision,” Wanjiru told Nairobinews in 2020. 

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