Diana Asamoah can perform her songs again if Frimprince lifts the sanctions.

Diana Asamoah

The contract termination between Frimprince Music Productions, led by Mr. Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, and veteran gospel crooner Evangelist Diana Asamoah came with some conditions.

Diana Asamoah was not permitted to perform any of the record label’s songs, including “Akoko abon,” “Madansidie,” “Pentecost gya,” “Momomme,” “Wo damu fua,” and Tetelesta.
“Frimprince shall retain complete ownership of all songs produced under the production ie 1. Wo na mani agyina wo.” Mabowodin 2 3. Abon Akoko four. madansidie 5. gya for Pentecost Sixth. Momomme Wo damu fua

“8. Tetelesta 9. Pentecost Soree” is added. Noncompliance with these terms may result in legal action. “Please sign below to confirm your agreement to the above terms,” according to a portion of the letter seen.

According to the label, their 22-year signee violated numerous verbal agreements outlined in the contract, resulting in the contract’s termination and restrictions.

Mr. Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, better known as Frimprince, the veteran music producer, has reversed his decision to prevent Diana Asamoah from performing the songs.

Mr. Frimprince stated on the Accra-based Angel FM’s Drive show on Wednesday, September 14, “I won’t stop her from performing her songs, especially the latest one she did with Dada KD.”

Meanwhile, in an acceptance letter, Evangelist Diana Asamoah directed the production to “with reference to the conclusive part of your letter plead to differ, any future issues with regards to me (Evangelist Diana Asamoah) using the songs, remaking or remixing them should kindly be channelled to Pastor Simon Boama the writer and author of the songs.”

“The listed songs, namely 1. Wo na mani agyina wo,” she continued. 2. Mabo wo din, 3. Akoko abon, 4. Madansidle, 5. Pentecoast Gya, and 6. Momome seven damu fua 8.Tetelesta Soree from the Pentecost.”

Below is a copy of Diana Asamoah’s letter:

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