‘Straight Outta Love,’ by Joyce Midley-Quainoo: An uplifting message of hope and grace

Joyce Midley-Quainoo
Joyce Midley-Quainoo

Joyce Midley-Quainoo has released a brand new song.

Joyce Midley-Quainoo, former TV3 News Presenter, has chosen to take her devotion to God to another height with the release of “Straight Outta Love,” an uplifting message of hope, grace, and God’s truest love.

Joyce writes in her first book, “A relationship knit together out of love that holds forever into eternity.” She writes that God desires a relationship with you and uses biblical verses to explain why you must be motivated by God’s love to do everything.

Joyce delivers a heartfelt message in the hopes of empowering others in their faith walk at a time when the world is still reeling from the devastation of #Covid19, the anguish of losing #QueenElizabeth of the United Kingdom, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and all the negative reports about nations’ economies around the world.

Joyce Midley-Quainoo has been seen preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ after resigning from TV3. She also discusses her personal struggles as a journalist in “Straight Outta Love.” Her goal is to help readers recognize the power in God’s love and connect it to their daily success.

According to Christian Faith Publishing, “Straight Outta Love” is “an impactful message of God’s love that will encourage and inform.” Customers can order “Straight Outta Love” from Amazon.com, the Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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