We simply wanted Diana Asamoah to change, but she refused — Former manager

Diana Asamoah
Diana Asamoah

Diana Asamoah’s 22-year contract agreement with her former label, Frimprince Music Production, was terminated on Wednesday, September 14.

The management team, led by Mr. Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, revealed that their signee had broken numerous verbal agreements in the contract.

The management stated in a letter dated August 4, 2022 and made available to Modernghana News today, September 14, that “Frimprince production has been working with you by producing and marketing almost all of your songs since the year 2000.”

“Fromprince production’s management has decided to terminate the contract between Diana Asamoah and Frimprince production due to several breaches of verbal agreement to work together.”

The lauded singer has been barred from performing any of the record label’s songs, including “Akoko abon,” “Madansidie,” “Pentecost gya,” “Momomme,” “Wo damu fua,” and Tetelesta.
Mr. Firmprince, the lead producer, explained that the letter was initially served to the singer in order to change her behavior.

However, according to the manager, things worsened, prompting their decision to make it public on Wednesday, September 14.

On Wednesday, September’s Drive show on Kumasi-based Angel FM, he said, 

“I served her with the letter on the 4th of August and was expecting that she would have some kind of remorse or maybe something good will come out. I gave her three weeks and after three weeks, she responded very nicely and thanked me and sent me a copy.”

According to him, “even after that, I was still considering something before making it public. The nonsense was still going on, so I decided to make it public.”

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