What I told God after years of marriage when I couldn’t conceive – Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton, a singer, revealed that after several years of marriage without a child, she challenged God.

According to Diana Hamilton, she told God in a prayer after one of her studio sessions that she would never return until she became pregnant and gave birth.

“I went to the studio to record and after the recording, the last thing I said was that he is the Lord who makes the barren give birth to twins,” Diana Hamilton said on Kumasi-based Sompa FM.

When I got him, I told God that what I’d been through was enough and that he shouldn’t put me through anything else, and that if I don’t give birth, I’m not going back to the studio to sing praises to him. I told God that I wrote my thanksgiving song because I want him to know that I’m serious about what I said. “I wrote that song when I was never late for my period.”

She claimed that God’s light shone on her and that she gave birth to twins as a result. Many people were surprised by her pregnancy because she had been declared barren.

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