Biography Of Zac Poonen

Biography Of Zac Poonen

Senior Pastor of the Christian Fellowship Centre (CFC), Bangalore, India, is Zac Poonen.

Former Indian Naval Officer Brother Zac Poonen has been teaching the Bible in India for more than 50 years while serving the Lord. He is in charge of several churches both in India and abroad.

In addition to writing countless articles and more than 30 books in English, he also translated these works into many Indian and other languages. Both audio CDs and visual DVDs are available with his messages.

Zac Poonen, like the other elders in CFC, relies on “tent-making” to provide for his family and himself; he is not paid for his work. For any of his books, CDs, or DVDs that are released by Christian Fellowship Centre, Bangalore, he does not receive any royalties.

A Brief History Of Bangalore, India’s Christian Fellowship Center (CFC)

Biography Of Zac Poonen

In August 1975, a few families in Bangalore, India, started the church of believers that meets in the Christian Fellowship Centre (CFC). They made the decision, under the direction of Zac Poonen and Ian Robson, to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ first, and then to create disciples in accordance with the Lord’s commission in Matthew 28:18–20.

They placed a strong emphasis on new birth, inner holiness, reciprocal love, moral purity, financial integrity, and spreading God’s truth to others, basing every part of their lives solely on the teachings of God’s Word.

This body of Christ, which initially consisted of a small House Church, has slowly expanded its knowledge and understanding of the New Covenant Life in the Spirit. The same set of distinguishing characteristics have been a part of this Church’s DNA from the beginning and throughout its expansion over four decades.

With the help of a monthly periodical on the conquering life, a tape ministry, conferences for like-minded disciples, and other initiatives, we quickly felt compelled to share these great principles that had altered our own lives with others.

The expanding Church relocated in 1981 to a meeting space built at DaCosta Square 40 in Bangalore. The endeavor of establishing churches in additional Indian cities and states began in the years 1982-1989.

Zac Poonen’s book writing ministry saw great productivity between 1989 and 1995, and over the ensuing years, he wrote more than twenty volumes. The audio tape outreach had spread to several countries by 1997. At the age of 60, Zac Poonen resigned as CFC, Bangalore’s Elder in 1999 so that he could travel with the Word.

In 2003, we began our Internet outreach, and during this time, churches were planted on various continents. The Church at Bangalore moved into its new meeting hall at Paradise Enclave, Bellahalli, Bangalore in 2014 after celebrating 40 years as a church and outgrowing its previous space.

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