Sista Ginna has spoken about how Gospel Music is treated in Africa

Sista Ginna, a blogger and music publicist from Ghana, made some observations about the development of the Ghanaian gospel music market and the significance of individuals supporting urban Christian gospel music.

Unfortunately, “WE” have categorized gospel music as only being praise and worship, despite the fact that gospel is not a genre. She stated,

Let’s examine it: The gospel is an expression of the good news. There are several musical styles that can convey a message. Gospel music is available in many different genres, including gospel afrobeat, gospel rap or hip-hop, gospel reggae or dancehall, gospel R&B, gospel pop, gospel rock, gospel country, and more.

Gospel music is not a genre, therefore. It’s a message that ought to be spread via a variety of musical styles. The category is supposed to be Christian music.

There are many urban gospel songs that can compete with the popular secular songs we play and listen to, yet even among Christians, many churches do not promote or support urban gospel music as a legitimate gospel music ministry.

Rap, Afrobeats, R&B, and other genres are all used by gospel musicians to create Godly music, but you won’t stream or promote it. You don’t mind listening to a song over and over again as soon as a secular artist puts a God-tag to it.

The music business is challenging, but thank God for the perseverance of urban artists like Kobby Salm, Kingzkid, Neqta, Belac, Po Godson Rje, and a few other urban men.

One of the few gospel musicians I’ve seen collaborating with or featuring most of these urban gospel performers as well as include them in his events is MOG Music. Not to mention Empress Gifty’s assistance to Scott Evans.

Urban gospel came to assist our native gospel praise and worship, not to replace it.

Please refrain from passing judgment and begin to value and promote these noises. I’ll beg the majority of our mainstream, well-known gospel musicians and event planners to hire the majority of these urban performers to play at their events. The urban scene really needs this!

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